Abel Prieto says they defeated Walt Disney with Elpidio Valdés and the Cubans respond.

Abel Prieto, a former minister of Culture and political advisor in Cuba, wrote on his Twitter account this week that “in memorable times we defeated Walt Disney with ‘Elpidio Valdés’”.

” Moral: Disney is not invincible, ” he added.

His commentary comes to light on the 40th anniversary of the island premiere of this animated film, created by Juan Padrón, a Cuban cartoonist and filmmaker, in the 1970s.

Prieto, who is also president of the José Martí Cultural Society, joins with this comment the attempts of the island authorities that have sought to manipulate politically and use in their favor this cartoon that is so popular among Cubans.

But Twitter users did not delay responding to the official, who has already been the target of criticism on the same network.

The Lantorcha profile user questioned him that “they had never defeated Disney, but had censored and blocked it.

In addition, one user asked Official Abel Prieto ” how long they were going to be competing with the United States,” he added that “Cubans viewed the animated on one side and on the other with equal pleasure.”

But if one has to compare, he said, ” Where do Cubans prefer to live, in the land of Elpidio or in the Land of Disney,” making clear reference to the mass exodus of Cubans who for decades have had to remake their lives on American soil and to the discontent of many years of Cuban citizenship with the government.

In addition, in the context of the increased tension in the bilateral relations between Cuba and the united States, due to the change of position of Donald Trump in connection with the Helms-Burton Act, the tweet of Prieto is in addition to the numerous criticisms addressed to the “neighbor to the north” by the authorities of the Island in the last few weeks.


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