CANDY vs MAZINGER Z a different adventure

I already wanted to face two of my anime series that made me pass, sweet girl Candy, in front of the Mazinger Z machine.

The truth is that I have more memories of Candy, who broke into our TVs in the 1980s, in it was told the story of an orphan girl, raised in an orphanage “pony home” and throughout the chapters we go living Candy’s life, we see her falling in love with Anthony, but her love gets frustrated when he loses his life on account of a horse fall, we see her suffer the plots of the “bad” girls, we see her become a nurse, fall in love again and passionately with Terry, who feels a deep love towards her, but honor and compassion make Terry eventually marry Susana and leave her true love.

The truth is that although this series of anime came to me very much, its end left me a terrible taste of mouth, it must be realized that at that time I was a girl and of course, I would have loved to see how Candy, that very blonde girl, with round and huge eyes (funny it has always seemed to me that the Japanese put such round eyes to his drawings) married the boy and was happy..but no, they decided that the boy would marry someone else, and I will always remember that image of Candy with her big, crying eyes, with that tear that I’m about to cause a tsunami., the truth is that it is something difficult to overcome.

Even today, it still saddens me, cruel as life itself….

But for that we had the right machine; Mazinger Z, driven by Koji Kabuto, young student, arrogant, creeped, very confident and confident of himself,and who managed to get himself into more than one good mess, but although he had the option to handle Mazinger to do good or evil, he chose the first path, to be able to defeat the bad machines and Dr. Hell, trying to avenge Dr. Kabuto..but for this task he was not going to be alone, Aphrodite was going to accompany him, piloted by Sayaka Yumi, jealous and of strong character…there they’ll both be in that one if it’s no, we don’t love each other…

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