Descendants 2: a unique Disney adventure that like the difference

The Children of the Disney villains are back with “more music, action and adventure” thanks to “The Descendants 2”, a film that premiered in October and which, in addition to diverting the young public, encourages “inclusion” and “embraces the difference,” assures Efe its director, Kenny Ortega.

It has already been several weeks since the American public was able to enjoy the premiere of the second part of “the descendants”, an original Disney Channel film that already enjoys “tremendous popularity” in North America, according to Ortega, and that still has to wait until October to make its mark on Spanish screens.

“We’ve done everything we can to make viewers enjoy, “says the filmmaker and choreographer (Palo Alto, California, 1950) who, in addition to modernizing Disney’s classic tales, also directed the successful” High School Musical “and the documentary” This is it ” about Michael Jackson, for whom he collaborated regularly.

His new film, he explains,” works on different levels “because there are spectators who” enjoy the musical part and the dance”, others who are attracted to” the action “and others who”connect a lot with the characters because they move them to a new world, because they love the journey they embark on”.

A journey in which we accompany the actors Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, and China Anne McClain, who give life to the children of some well-known villains such as Captain Hook (“Peter Pan”), Gaston (“Beauty and The Beast”), Cruella de Vil (“101 dalmatians”) or Maleficent (“sleeping beauty”).

Behind all these characters, Ortega emphasizes, is a story that “embraces the difference” and that goes “about strengthening, about how the decisions we make determine what we become and, in general, about beautiful things related to inclusion.”

“I am obviously an adult, but when I make these films I feel like I look through the lens or the eyes of a 13-year-old. I also try to listen to the young people I work with, give them a voice and make them part of the creation process,” says the American, who also worked as a choreographer on the 1987 film “Dirty dancing”.

For that reason, when faced with a screening process of films aimed at young audiences, he always seeks, he says, “enthusiastic and intelligent people.”

“It is important that you are good actors and that you are prepared for the work that a music-based film requires, but in the end, the important thing for me is to feel that I have a partner, someone who doesn’t depend on me just anymore, but who brings ideas and is also creator,” he explains.

Although, for him, ” it all starts with a script I trust.” Then we have to” find a way to make the result unique”, to” continue to surprise the spectators, which is truly important”, and to”create unforgettable scenarios”.

This is what he has been trying to do since he agreed to direct the first installment of “the descendants”, a project in which he “believed” and with which he “got excited” from the moment he read it, even though, he says, he was “frightened” by the difficulty of developing characters that “would be born out of the Disney classics”.

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