Disney hopes to complete the acquisition of Fox in June

Securities and exchange commission of the united States (SEC, for its acronym in English), Disney mentioned the various achievements of the Home of Mickey Mouse during 2018. Among them, the agreement to acquire Fox, on which he says he hopes to “close before June 2019.”

After defeat to Comcast in a bid, bids that began in December of 2018, the Department of Justice of the united States resolved an anti-trust lawsuit that prevented the merger with the condition that prior to the sale of the 22 networks of channels regional sports from Fox) and also to stay out of the treatment of the news channels Fox News, as well as the transmission seasons of Fox network and the sports FS1.

With so many interests at stake, the merger is one of the most anticipated in the entertainment industry and, at the same time, worrisome to those who believe that it will be detrimental for such a massive portion of the film market to remain under one roof.

The greatest jewels of Fox that will pass to the hands of Disney are, by far, the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, has already said he could start approving productions of these characters in six months, which would coincide with the estimated date Disney has notified the SEC of the acquisition. Additionally, the House of Mickey Mouse will be made of franchises such as Avatar, Alien, Predator and hard to kill, as well as The Simpsons and cable channels such as FX and National Geographic.

Previously, it had been said that the purchase would take place in March. However, although the US government has already given the green light for the agreement, there are also foreign bodies that must admit the merger. This is the case with the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), the country’s antitrust regulator, which is still considering whether to give its approval, Bloomberg said. You must make your decision and officially announce it before 23 March.

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