Fans and body language that it transmits

The fan has been a very useful instrument for flirting when it was banned in public. For women accompanied by their mother or a companion, the fan was an instrument of communication between Lady and gentleman. At the court of Louis XV, King of France, the protocol forbade the ladies of the court to open their fans in the presence of the Queen, unless they used it as a tray to offer him some gift.

Until 1939, at the Court of England, its use for ladies in receptions and official acts was compulsory.

In Spain, he becomes a loyal ally of flirting. There are fans for men, small and black; and bigger fans for women.

Language is as follows:

Close the fan by touching the right eye: “when can I see you?”

Make threatening moves with the fan closed: “don’t be so reckless”

Cover your left ear with the fan open: “do not reveal our secret”

Touch the top of the fan with your finger: “I would like to talk to you”

Open and close the fan several times: “you are cruel”

Open the fan completely: “wait for me”

Placing the fan behind the head: “forget me Not”

Place the fan behind the head with an extended finger: “goodbye”

Place the fan in front of the face with the right hand: “Follow Me”

Move the fan around the forehead: “you have changed”

Spinning the fan with the left hand: “We are seeing”

Spinning the fan with your right hand: “I love another”

Carry the open fan on your right hand: “you are too fervent”

Move the fan between your hands: “I hate you”

Move the fan around the cheek: “I love you”

The fan placed near the heart: “you have won my love”

The number of rods shows the answer to a question: “What time?”

Abanicarse quickly. “I love you with intensity.”

Fanning slowly means ” I’m a married lady and I’m indifferent to you.”

Lend the fan. If you lend the fan to your companion, bad omen.

If he gives it to his mother, it means “I fire you, it’s over.”

Cover your eyes. With the fan open, it means ” I love you.”

If you cover your face, it can mean “watch out, watch out.”

Run it through the eyes. If you pass the range by eye means, sorry.

If you close the fan by touching your eyes, it means, ” when I can see you.” Cover your face.

Covering your face with an open fan means, ” follow me when I leave.”

Half open. To support the fan half open on the lips means “you can kiss me”.

Right hand. Wearing it or moving it with your right hand means “I love someone else.”

Hand it over. It means, “you’re flirting with someone else”or” you’re daring.” Touch the palm of your hand. It means, ” I’m thinking if I love you.”

Look at pictures. Looking at the fan drawings, it means,”I like you very much.”

Close it on the left hand. It means, ” I’ll marry you.”

Throw the fan. It means, ” I hate you.” or ” goodbye, it’s over.”

Count or open a certain number of rods. The time to stay on a date, depending on the number of open or “touched”rods.

This is the version verbally offered by singer Migdalia Batiz to the creator of these pages, whose original source we do not know. Below we present the version presented in the book “Memorias del Casino de Mayagüez”, taken this in turn from a review published in “la Revista Blanca” with the title ” Love expressed through the fan” :

Wear it closed and suspended from the left hand( means): I wish to have a boyfriend.

I’m engaged.

Abanicarse very quickly: I doubt it. Close it quickly: talk to my dad.

Support him closed in the heart: I love you crazy.

Support it closed on the forehead: you are indifferent to me.

Keep the fan closed: I don’t go for a walk today.

Take it out of my pocket: I’ll leave home. Support you open your lips: don’t doubt me.

Give the fan to the groom: my heart is only yours.

Take the groom’s fan: I don’t want any more love.

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