Found dead one of the legendary boys Disney disappeared nine months ago

Dennis Day was one of the original Musketeers of the mythical “The Mickey Mouse Club”: in the Fifties he was chosen at only 12 years old for the first cast of teenagers to represent the values of the famous children’s brand, forming part of the large group of young artists that would later pass Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake (including Spanish names), among others. Even today, decades later, Day is still remembered for that role, so the news that his lifeless body has been found in his own house in Oregon this Thursday after a long period of disappearance has fallen like a blow between his family and fans, who criticized from the beginning how the investigation has been carried out by the authorities.

Phoenix Police Department (Oregon State, USA) UU. ) issued a statement reporting on the 4th that human remains had been found at 510 Pine Street, Phoenix, owned by the deceased. “It was assigned to the researchers from the Oregon State Police to lead the investigation of the death and are being assisted by the Office of the District Attorney of the County of Jackson, the Office of the Sheriff of Jackson County, the Department of Police of Medford and the Forensic Laboratory of the Oregon State Police. At this time, the human remains have not been identified and the investigation is ongoing.”

Left to their pets and went to visit some friends

American Media confirms that the body would be Day, who would be 76 at the moment. The hopes of the family to find the former Disney star alive, who had been reported missing nine months ago, thus culminate. Last July, her partner since decades, Ernie Caswell, he realized that he had not gone to visit him at the hospital that I was admitted to hospital for dementia. He told his sister and the authorities that the investigation had begun.

He was last seen at the entrance of his house, and warned his neighbors that he would go visit some friends after leaving his dog with a trusted person. His car was found two weeks later driven by two people with no apparent connection to Day on the Oregon coast without symbols of violence, so they were not arrested. “He’s not the kind of person who just disappears. Especially with his partner in the hospital, to whom he was very dedicated,” his niece told Dateline. “We’re worried. We just need answers. We love him. We are a little lost with what to do, or how to find it,” he said in an interview for the American Media.

His sister, Nelda Adkins, always questioned the way the police had conducted the investigation. In fact, according to Adkins, who learned of his brother’s disappearance in the media months later, police had already investigated Day’s properties, a cemetery and a nearby stream, without finding any evidence. In all this time, exestrella had not used her credit cards or posted on social media.

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