Peter Pan phrases to never stop dreaming

Peter Pan is one of the most remembered tapes of the Mouse company. It tells us the story of a child who never grew up. Then we will take a time trip and remember your most remembered phrases.

1.”Never stop dreaming. Only those who dream learn to fly.”

2.“Live. That will be my best adventure.”

3.”A sound was heard which was the most musical and the saddest at the same time: the sirens singing to the moon.”

4.”The oldest stars have had their eyes glassy and rarely speak. Hair the little ones are still curious.”

5.”Their ignorance gave them one more hour of happiness.”

6.”Like all those who are slaves to a fixed idea, he was a stupid animal.”

7.”Her light weakened at times and he knew that if she went out she would cease to exist.”

8.”Come with me, where dreams are born, where time is not planned. Think of happy things and your heart will fly with wings forever.”

9.”Do you know why swallows nest in the eaves of houses? Is to listen to stories.”

10.”The second star on the right, and straight to Dawn.”

11.”First impressions are very important.”

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