So was the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Disney

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, one of the most emblematic monuments of the French capital, has suffered a serious fire. The flames have come mainly from the central needle of the temple, which did not take long to collapse.

According to the first information provided, the fire may be linked to the works being carried out on the roof of the capital. The flames have spread over much of the roof of the Gothic temple.

Official sources indicated that the fire is affecting the entire frame that supports the roof of Notre Dame, while a spokesman for the firefighters highlighted the difficulties of access that the building poses.

Right now the fire has caused all eyes of the world to look at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, however, this Parisian monument is primarily remembered by fans of the Disney universe thanks to the animated film ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’, released in 1996 and inspired by the work of Victor Hugo, ‘Our Lady of Paris’, published in 1831.

The cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris is one of the places protagonist of this story, as ‘Quasimodo’, the main character who gives the film its name. he lives hidden in plain sight at the top of the cathedral bell tower.

There, from the heights, ‘Quasimodo’ spends his days and nights, however, he shares solitude with the gargoyles ‘Victor’, ‘Hugo’ and ‘Laverne’. Under the strict order never to leave the bell tower because of its’ repulsive ‘appearance,’ The Hunchback Of Notre Dame ‘ remains locked up without opposition. But soon things take a different turn, when driven by curiosity and bored by its ostracism, he decides to sneak out of the cathedral and get to know a bit of the outside world.

To her surprise the world is quite beautiful or at least it makes her look ‘Esmeralda’, a beautiful gypsy makes her look like that. From that moment on, ‘Quasimodo’ will be seen back in a lot of adventures.

The film, which was made with a budget of approximately $ 100 million, managed to raise more than 300 in the box office.

In 2003, Disney released a sequel entitled “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 2: The Secret of the bell”.

So was the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Disney
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