The Disney show that amazed hundreds of children in the National Auditorium

Hundreds of children came together, along with their parents, in the National Auditorium to see the fragments of their favorite Disney and Pixar films, musicalized by the National Symphony Orchestra.

The minors, many dressed in some alluding garment of their favorite characters: Jessy, Nemo, Sulley, among others, enjoyed and enjoyed themselves since they arrived at the compound.

The Pixar event in concert achieved its objective of entertaining for two hours the children who never stopped seeing the giant screens, dancing and running through balloons, bubbles and even colored paper that were thrown at every peak of the stories.

The excitement of the main viewers was evident. It was only enough that the chords of the melodies will begin for the children to jump and celebrate each of the elections.

“Toy Story”, “Bugs”, “Toy Story 2”, “Cars”, ” Monster Inc.”, “Monster University”, “searching for Nemo”, “Wall-E”, “Ratatouille”, “The Incredible”, “Cars 2” and “intensely”, were some of the musical numbers that the National Symphony Orchestra performed and the audience enjoyed.

“Wooooow is Toy Story” or ” it’s Nemo!”and” that part I like” were some of the comments that the little ones made during the show that surprised them, depending on the story, by bubbles, metallic paper and goblets in the case of “UP”.

And although all the numbers were applauded and celebrated by boys and adults, it was the musical number of the film “Coco” that made the audience sigh and sing their traditional song “Remind Me”.

The gold brooch was put on by the orchestra that performed “I am your faithful friend”, emblematic theme of the Toy Story films and with which they closed the show.

Pixar in concert had a charitable purpose. The resources collected will be donated to the ORT México IAP Foundation, which helps vulnerable groups without access to education.

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