The Simpsons could be cancelled if Disney starts modifications

Much has been speculated about what Disney will do now that it already owns basically everything, including one of the world’s favorite series: The Simpsons. And it’s just that a very secure source has revealed his concern that the show will be canceled.

According to Yeardley Smith, who is The Voice of Lisa Simpson, he has said that the creators would prefer to cancel the series before Disney could make alterations, as it was recently revealed that the company could cancel some programs that were not “familiar”.

Everything was going well, according to Fox, The Simpsons were renewed until 2021, but during that time some modifications could arise, so the unknown is back on the table.

But we mustn’t worry… much

According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, It seems that Smith only gave his point of view when it became known that The Simpsons are already part of the culture of many people and it would be very risky to alter it.

For his part, Disney, has made no comment on whether he has any new plans for the series.

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