The student surpassed the teacher. The spell of Fools

When I was recommended for The Conjuring of fools, I began reading it with some suspicion, because it was accompanied by the phrase: “it’s the best book I’ve ever read.” At other times, at the end of the day, the enthusiastic statement did not reflect my appreciation at all. It is known that there are tastes as diverse as people inhabit the world.

For some, some titles are sensational and for others, they get bored in the front pages. That is why literature is so rich and so wide that it feeds the hearts of all readers. You choose the narrative you like best and the most appropriate time to carry it out. And I think this one was mine.
From the beginning, the book emerges as a story hilarious, eccentric and with a great sense of humor.

I remember when I read this scene, I had a laugh in the subway and I was intimidated by the looks of several passengers sharing the car with me, so I closed my mouth and kept reading as quietly as possible.

You’d wonder, what 30-year-old son would let a retired mother drive drunk? But Ignatius Reilly is one of those kids who let them go drunk behind the wheel, while he oversees from the back seat.

Ignatius is one of those men who breaks the rule of stereotyping. He is 30 years old, lives with the mother –who is a widow-and has taken certain powers after graduating from college; his only activity is to write the thoughts in the “Big Boss” notebooks for when he is a famous writer and has to display all his wisdom against the current system. He spends most of his time lying down or watching some TV show. He roams inside the house with a “red flannel nightgown” and flip-flops, which make a terrible noise as he walks. Has behaviors of a child of 5 years: wearing a watch bracelet of Mickey Mouse; he likes to watch cartoons most of the time; takes the coffee with milk in a bowl of Shirley Temple; yells, unfortunately, in the film room, when you watch movies for children leaving traces of pochoclos scattered around him, as well as halos of sauce will remain impregnated in your shirt; paste posters on the door of your room so that the mother will not bother you; or attacks that gives a box of doughnuts jam.

Ignatius Reilly is an excellent strategist. He has great skill and agility for his answers when turning all kinds of dialogue. When he doesn’t like something, he starts complaining that his pyloric valve closes and threatens to faint.

The first time I was named the book, they said, “Ignatius Reilly is amazing.” The character achieves more protagonism than the author of the work, achieving that “the student surpasses the teacher”. It is fascinating to know that Ignatius Reilly is better known than John Kennedy Toole; he even has his profile created on Facebook. It’s just that fiction surpasses reality. Now, if so, I would be concerned about the amount of fans that have Ignatius Reilly…

The Conjuring of Fools is a funny story, which has some very grotesque and sarcastic scenes-it takes you more than one laugh – and in others, it takes a little bit to move forward. It is easy to read anyway; it is pleasant and is enjoyed with your company.

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