Where are the kids at the Disney Club today?

During the 1990s the magacín “Club Disney” marked much of the children’s programming in Spain. El espacio, a variety show that interspersed reports, games and contests with the broadcast of series and cartoons, was one of the most valued of our television, obtaining for several consecutive years the Golden TP award for Best Children’s program. The format, which during its seventeen years of existence has been broadcast on TVE and Telecinco, has passed several popular faces today in the world of television and entertainment. Some of their presenters are now reputed actors, although others-since the list is extensive – decided to move away from the television scene after their experience in the children’s program.

David Carrillo

He was one of the presenters of the program between 1996 and 2000. The young man also decided to form an actor, where he has featured his roles in ocmo films “Lolo y Lucas”, “Besos de gato” or “Café solo o con ellas”. In theatre, Carrillo has had prominent roles in important musicals, such as “Hoy no Me puedo levantar” or “Pretty Woman”.

It is, however, the television is the medium most resistant to Carrillo, who, despite having had appearances sporadic television series, has not yet achieved a starring role.

Carrillo’s work also includes his face as a dubbing actor. The young man, in fact, is the Spanish voice of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter saga.

Jordi Cruz

It is probably one of the faces that most memories bring to you given its appearance in “Art Attack”, the popular Disney Channel craft space. In addition, the presenter was also one of the faces visible in “Megatrix”. Jordi Cruz is currently a radio broadcaster on Cadena 100.

Jimmy Castro

To Jimmy Castro, image of the Disney program between 200 and 2005, we have been able to see him more frequently on the small screen. The young man has achieved outstanding works in well-known television series in our country, such as “Los hombres de Paco”, “El comisario” or “La fuga”. His last works, however, have taken place on the tables, where he has participated in works such as “Lend Me Your words”, “the wave” and “a winter tale”.

Monica Aragon

Coming from one of the great sagas of artists on our television, Mónica Aragón presented the children’s space between 1993 and 1996. After her time on the show, the actress has appeared in series such as “family doctor”. In theatre, the show “how are you” stands out, alongside Rody Aragón.

Elena Jimenez

The actress presented the children’s program during her last stage and, for some years, continued to be a popular face of our television, with roles in programs such as “wash me a lot”. Jiménez, however, decided to radically change his life and is currently a sergeant in the Air Force.

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